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Demi Lovato albumok


Disney Channel Summer Rocks (iTunes Plus)

01. Starstruck by Christopher Wilde
02. Let’s Get Crazy by Hannah Montana
03. Magic by Selena Gomez
04. What Time Is It by The Cast Of High School Musical
05. Breaking Free by The Cast Of High School Musical
06. He Could Be The One by Hannah Montana
07. This Is Me by Demi Lovato & Joe Jonas
08. Play My Music by Jonas Brothers
09. Hey by Mitchel Musso
10. Hero by Christopher Wilde & Stubby
11. We’re All In This Together by The Cast Of High School Musical
12. The Best Of Both Worlds by Hannah Montana
13. One & The Same by Demi Lovato & Selena Gomez
14. Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic by Mitchel Musso
15. Cheetah Love by The Cheetah Girls
16. Ice Cream Freeze (Let’s Chill) by Hannah Montana
17. We Rock by Cast Of Camp Rock
18. So Far So Great by Demi Lovato
19. Something About The Sunshine by Anna Margaret
20. You Are The Music In Me by Troy & Gabriella
21. Now Or Never by High School Musical Cast
22. Everything Is Not As It Seems by Selena Gomez






Sonny with a chance - Soundtrack dallista

1. Me, Myself and Time - Demi Lovato
2. Hanging - Sterling Knight
3. Kiss Me - Tiffany Thornton
4. What To Do - Demi Lovato
5. How We Do This - Sterling Knight
6. Work of Art - Demi Lovato
7. Come Down With Love - Allstar Weekend
8. Sure Feels Like Love - Tiffany Thornton
9. So Far So Great - (Theme Song to Sonny With a Chance) Demi Lovato